Who are we ?

Froidevaux SA established in 1967 in Switzerland and started to manufacture pad printing clichés for the Swiss watch industry. Our long time experience in the production and development of this technology led us to become a market leader regarding plates and cylinders for pad printing. Today we are proud to say that our clichés are used all over the world with the most famous brands of pad printing machines.
Froidevaux America Inc., Canada, established in Quebec in 1998. Our representative will be pleased to answer all demands comming from the American continent.

What is pad printing ?

Pad printing was created in the sixties and is an indirect intaglio printing process. The etched artwork is covered with ink by a "spatula"; the excess ink is wiped off by a doctor blade or a closed ink cup, leaving ink only in the etched parts of the plate. The ink is then picked up by a silicone rubber pad and transferred onto the object to be printed. This is a fast and precise printing process. It is used in many industries such as medical, automotive, apparel, promotional and electronic objects, toys and sports equipment, as well as in the watch industry. To reach a high printing quality it is absolutely necessary to work with a cliché showing an irreproachable surface.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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