Exposure unit

Our exposure machines have been specifically designed to expose clichés with highest efficiency to reach best quality results. The flip top vacuum frame allows an easy handling.
All machines provide an even light distribution for a regular exposure. Exposure procedures and vacuum time are computer controlled.
Different sizes are available to provide best solution for all users.

Spare parts available on demand.

Etching machine for chemical etching

We supply easy to use spray etching machines for highest etching results. Machines are equipped with a horizontal conveyor and are supplied with an etching bucket and separated rinsing bucket. Variator controlled conveyor’s speed allows very accurate and regular etching depth. Machine can be adjusted to etch either thin steel plates or 10mm clichés according to needs.

Spare parts available on demand.

Lux Compact

DSC 8263 

FSA 3000

sprint3000 800px